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Speridian Technologies | Benefitalign Private Exchange


Speridian Technologies Inc. provides a variety of technology solutions that power global businesses. The organization serves clients in a number of capacities, including custom product development, off-the-shelf solutions and consulting engagements. The organization approached us to help them launch a new technology platform: the Benefitalign Private Exchange.


We worked with the organization’s executives to develop a short series of videos highlighting different aspects of the platform. In order to engage an audience used to highly technical information, we used a “friendly” host to connect with viewers. By using an approachable tone with the host, the organization was able to communicate highly technical information in an engaging way.


In addition to an approachable host, we also integrated dynamic motion graphics throughout each of the videos. The graphics were energetic and helped reinforce key concepts for the audience. By adhering to brand guidelines, we were able to develop a set of videos that could be integrated seamlessly into the company’s website.


The videos were a major component of the launch of the Benefitalign Private Exchange platform. In addition, their sales professionals now have a unique tool to set the tone in meetings and other client communications.

I love when we’re able to launch a brand new product. We always like to be a part of something new at 522.

Tristan Pelligrino

Project Manager