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Videos that Promote, Engage or Convert your audience.
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You Get It.

Media distribution tactics have completely changed over the past few years. Getting in front of your audience has never been easier… or as complex. Like it or not, social videos are now a vital component to achieve any strategic marketing initiative.

As hundreds of amateur blog articles have mercilessly drilled into your head: video is an essential part of your communication.

But just because you have a paint brush doesn’t mean you’re the next Bob Ross. It took that amazing creature years to hone his skills, master his craft, and understand the medium he was working with before he could paint the perfect happy little tree.

Which is why, when planned correctly (emphasis on corßrectly), Hubspot social media videos can:

  • Deliver Quality Leads
  • Increase Marketing ROI
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Increase Website Traffic

Luckily, after producing hundreds of social videos for dozens of clients, we boiled our experience down to a few simple plans for you. Think of social videos as fuel for your next campaign. It really just depends what type of engine we’re dealing with.


Ideal if all you have is Brand Guidelines. Leverage animated text and Stock footage with an animated logo.

  • One 15 second video
  • One 6 second cut down
  • 3 formats (Insta, FB, LI)

Starts at $1500 if you already have the script.


Ideal if you have existing content, such as videos or still pictures with an animated logo.

  • One 15 second video
  • One 6 second cut down
  • 3 formats (Insta, FB, LI)

Starting at $2500 if you already have your script.

High Octane

Now we’re gettin’ fancy. Write original scripts, and shoot original material.

  • One 15 second video
  • One 6 second cut down
  • 3 formats (Insta, FB, LI)
  • Endless possibilities

Starting at $3500 if included as part of an existing video project.

Know Your Goal

Any of these plans are ideal to Promote, Engage, or Convert your audience. Each of these video plans require their own unique strategies that encompass a variety of considerations about your target audience.

That’s why we tailor each plan to the specific needs of your campaign’s Goal.


Maybe you want your audience to do something specific. You need them to donate, volunteer, or apply for a job. Conversion videos are perfect to maximize your efforts, expand your reach and get results. You need to hook your audience – therefore you need to understand what triggers them. Create simple yet effective social videos that do just that. Afterall, you’re asking them to write a check, give up their weekend, or fill out an application. Your message better be good.

Conversion videos are optimal for:

  • Recruitment
  • Donations
  • Sales


Maybe you simply want to engage your audience. Engagement videos on social media should be designed to interact with customers and provide content that is relevant to them. After all, you’re trying to drive engagement and build advocates for your brand, initiative or cause. Why not create short, clever teaser videos that peak curiosity, spark conversations, or rouse their interests? If you want them to engage – you need to create something that actually engages them. They don’t care about what you have to say unless it’s relevant to them. That means your engagement videos need to contain something your audience actually cares about. So pose a provocative question, teach them something new, or inspire them with a new perspective on your industry to drive interaction, create a conversation and engage your audience.

Engagement videos can help with:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Generate Leads / Pipeline
  • Facilitate Adoption / Create Advocates
  • Expand Network or Community


Promotion social videos are an essential element of every new campaign or announcement. So if you’re hosting an event, launching a product, or simply announcing a strategic update for your organization, it probably helps if your audience actually knows about it. As they scroll through their endless feeds, your audience checks out their friends, families, favorite brands, and latest recipes they’ll never actually cook for updates and new conversations. Why not catch their eye with a little ditty that promotes your latest [fill in the blank].

Promotion videos work perfectly for:

  • Event Participation
  • Campaign Support
  • Brand Awareness

Let’s do this.

We start each engagement with a planning session, where we’ll learn more about your organization and your goals, we’ll evaluate your current content, and audit your social media platforms. This is the phase where we do the digging to create the best strategy based on your objectives and our findings.

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