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Introducing a brand new product to market isn’t easy – especially in the mobile device industry. Earlier in 2014, Revocharge approached 522 to help create a Kickstarter video that would generate funding to help support the development of their mobile cell phone charger that syncs phones on the go. We needed to create a video that explained what the product is, why it was developed and how it works.


We wanted to keep the piece playful, entertaining and informative. So we utilized a fun, spunky host bursting with energy to describe the product’s attributes in a variety of lighthearted environments. Our host interacted with the product and people using the product, while describing the variety of benefits Revocharge has to offer.


The shoot took place over two days in a NoVa residence with our host and featured three extras. Whip zooms, stedicams, integrated graphics, and fast cuts kept the video moving and enabled us to quickly demonstrate the product’s unique attributes.


The video received rave reviews from the client and was crucial in successfully funding the company’s Kickstarter campaign. The video also won a 2014 Gold TIVA Peer Award.

A ture masterpices. I’m speechless.

Cemal Samsilova

Founder of Revocharge