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Plastics Industry Association


Plastic is a part of our everyday lives. From drinking water, to keeping our loved ones healthy, plastic plays a critical role in the way we experience the world. This positive impact of plastic in our day-to-day lives can be challenging to showcase. Marriner Marketing came to us with a unique challenge to highlight PLASTICS’ positive impact.


We knew that the best approach for Marriner would be piece that was emotional, engaging, and left a lasting impact on the viewer. The viewer needed to walk away feeling the impact plastic has, focused in on one story that resonates deeply.


We chose to focus on a cinematic approach, capturing a moment. The moment shows a moment many treasure, sentimental between a father and daughter. This focus was chosen to show what’s really at stake – at the end of the spot, you see that the daughter has a plastic heart value that is making this incredible moment possible.


The resulting video turned out to be a cinematic, captivating moment between a father and a daughter on a fall afternoon, that highlighted the positive impact of PLASTICS and rolled out dynamic new branding.

We we’re thrilled to work with Marriner on this project, and are delighted woth how the whole piece came together!

Kimberly McFarland

Project Manager @522