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We’ve produced an insane amount of custom videos. Here’s our attempt to organize them. Would love to hear what you think.


Nonprofit organizations make a major impact on our world. As such, they have exciting stories to tell. And that excites us.

Video provides a powerful way to embrace these stories and tell them in a variety of ways. Short-form documentaries provide a natural medium for sharing emotional stories that resonate with your audience. Mission-focused videos offer an opportunity to energize viewers about the work your organization performs. Training videos provide an excellent way to help your organization get the most impact out of each dollar spent. We will help you come up with the right video strategy to build awareness, encourage donations, spark action, or recruit support.

Commercial Services can intersect with just about any other industry. Video enables you to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences and make sure that each one understands who you are, what your organization provides that others cannot, and how your work can serve as a benefit.

Company overview videos shine a light on what makes your company unique and what separates you from the competition. They motivate potential clients to hire you, and they inspire top-notch talent to want to work for you. Testimonial videos offer an excellent way to establish trust in your organization before they pick up the phone. And, if you’re feeling ambitious, a short documentary exploring an interesting or emotional story behind one of your products or services can be an extremely effective part of your communications strategy.

As a federal employee, you face all sorts of challenges, from budget requirements to training objectives. To be honest, we love the challenge of finding interesting ways to connect with your audience and communicate key messages that help you achieve your mission.

We’ve produced training videos to convey changes in regulations, safety videos that demonstrate proper procedures, and software demos that explain the latest programs in technology and operations.

We’ve also worked on a number of strategic communications efforts, such as overview videos that educate the public on your organization’s mission. A bold and clearly defined mission also helps attract top-notch talent for the agencies. Recruitment videos allow you to further connect with individuals interested in carrying out your agency’s mission. And a short documentary allows you to emotionally connect with the general public and explore a complex subject or critical issue.

To make it easy, we’re on the GSA schedule.

The Healthcare Industry is constantly evolving. Private sector policies react to legislation and market conditions. Staying on top of that information is a struggle for most organizations. It’s a good thing we have video.

Video offers you a powerful tool for communicating with internal employees. Training videos enable you to update employees on policy and procedural changes. Safety videos demonstrate how to improve workplace conditions. Or maybe you just need a demo video to train your staff on the latest software applications.

Video also allows you to connect with your patients, your providers, and your donors. The right video enables you to share your organization’s story and enables your audience to better understand and support it. A short documentary appeals to viewers on an emotional level, showcasing how your work saves lives. And to attract the talent that really makes your organization look good, a recruitment video reveals the most rewarding elements of your organization’s mission.

Video is a powerful tool to educate, tell stories, and boost achievement. Student recruitment, faculty and staff training, fundraising, and remote learning are just a few examples of how videos can make a tremendous impact on the work that is so necessary to our partners in education. With video, your organization has the opportunity to engage with and highlight new stories to your audiences all over the world. Whether you are recruiting a new generation of learners, training and educating your staff for an upcoming school year, sharing the highlights of your institution’s impact over the years to generate financial support, or remotely educating your students in our digital world, we can help you create videos that resonate.

Explaining financial services to your audience can be extremely tricky. And if you’re responsible for providing financial services for your clients, it can be even more difficult to clearly explain the types of solutions you offer. We can help.

We’ve developed a number of videos over the years that simplify complex ideas: overview videos that provide a succinct way to describe your company, testimonial videos that establish credibility with your discerning audience, and recruitment videos that attract top-notch talent.

We’ve also produced internal facing videos to circulate information throughout organizations and provide an opportunity for leadership to share company visions: training videos that keep your team up to date on the latest information and communications videos that enable employees from all over the world to connect.

Technology remains one of the fastest-moving industries. Therefore, technology-based companies need to focus on how they communicate with their audience for adoption and support. We’re good at that.

Videos provide an extremely efficient method of describing new technologies, discussing complex systems or sharing ideas. Overview videos allow you to showcase the human side of technology and how your organization, product or service benefits the end user. Be genuine in your approach and clear in your organization’s mission, and you’ve got an extremely effective recruitment video.

But don’t just limit yourself to live action. Animated videos and software demonstrations also offer an engaging platform to describe your offering or discuss its benefits.

Our Work

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