Our Mission

We’re on a mission to rid the world of cheesy videos.

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Five Twenty Who?

We make videos that people actually want to watch… and share.

We create custom corporate videos for the Internet. And we have a shitton of fun doing it. Just read our Slack channels. Wait. Don’t. Still, we come to work each day with a few simple goals: be authentic, capture the truth, and find creative ways to help our clients elevate their brands.

Our History

522 is built on passion. It’s in our DNA. In 2004, our founders worked from 9:00 to 5:00… then freelanced from 5:00 to 2:00. Hence our name. Crazy to think that a love match of drive and creativity can get you out of a bedroom and into a 2-story office in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria. And while the industry has certainly evolved over the years, our passion for telling stories that connect with people remains the same.

Our Crew

Purpose means nothing without the amazing people to realize it.

Chad Vossen

Creative Services

Adielenah Perez

Creative Services

Nilofer Saidi

Market Development

Kennard Blackwell

Creative Services

Alisa Vossen

Client Services

Kyle Finnegan

Creative Services

Clayton Brock

Client Services

Bianca Mae

Creative Services

Ray Stanton

Creative Services

Adam Bienstock

Market Development

Cara Harbinger

Client Services

Brigid Mccormick

Creative Services

Jon Harmon

Creative Services

Wazhma Saidi

Market Development

Courtney Farmer

Client Services


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