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522 is built upon incredibly talented, highly motivated and dependable professionals. We are proud of our accomplished team, but are always on the lookout for new talent who are interested in joining us. If you’re looking for a creative environment where you can grow professionally, then this is the place for you.


Calling all freelancers! 522 is busy and always has a lot going. Depending upon the projects, we’re always in need of skilled and dependable freelance professionals to help us on set or in post-production. If you’d like to be considered for a gig, please send us your resume and online portfolio for review.!

Life at 522!

If enrolled in the health benefits, a Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are available for Employees to save for eligible healthcare expenses—now or in the future. A Company-paid annual contribution for each enrolled employee is $55.22 per month.

Health Savings Accounts

Employees have access to medical, dental, and vision insurance through Aetna and MetLife, as well as One Medical’s on-demand primary care services. For a more comprehensive wellness plan, employees also have access to Health Advocate’s personal health advocacy services. Base premiums are coverage by the company and include ancillary benefits – Long & Short Term Disability, Life Insurance, and Workers Compensations.

Comprehensive Health Plans

Employees enjoy time off for personal use, vacation, sick or for care of themselves or a loved one. PTO is accrued upon hire and will be earned at an annual rate of 15 days. Employees with service past three years will earn at the rate of 20 PTO days annually

Paid Time Off

We love our work, but we know that taking time off is necessary to maintain a healthy balance. Our PTO plan gives you the downtime you need when you need it. However, why stop there. The standard is to follow the 11 Federal Holidays. Only now, 522 will close the office for a full week between Christmas and New Year’s. And we are now treating your birthday as a holiday, too. We think your parents would agree.


Family is everything. And nothing beats becoming a new parent. That’s why new moms get up to 12 weeks of paid time off. And we don’t forget the dads either. They get up to 4 weeks paid time off to bond with the new family… and go on midnight diaper runs (we know the drill).

New Parent

Early bird? Night Owl? Whatever works best for you. We offer flex hours and work from home to support busy lives, big families, and your best brain time. We work eight-hour days (or more when needed), but we know that a little flexibility can make a big difference with your work-life balance.


Let’s make getting to work easier. We provide free parking when spots are available at our Old Town Alexandria office. 522 also provides commuter credits that can be used for things like ride sharing, parking, and public transit.


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