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Northern Virginia Emergency Response System


ReadyNOVA is a simple, online, step-by-step preparedness planning tool for residents, businesses, and faith-based organizations in the Northern Virginia metropolitan area. ReadyNOVA guides users to create emergency plans while following basic and accepted emergency management practices. In order to support a new website effort, the organization needed video content to generate interest from visitors.


In order to entice businesses and residents to move forward with preparedness planning, we had to create a story where we immediately grabbed the audience’s attention. Therefore, we worked with the organization to identify a variety of scenarios that would resonate with audiences and help create a sense of urgency around a proper planning strategy.


During our collaboration with the NVERS team, we outlined two key narrative sequences. Each of the stories reinforced the need to develop a strategy for natural disasters and other emergency situations. Furthermore, we used simple text-based slides to help provide more context to each of the stories. By using statistics, we were able to highlight the frequency of emergency situations and indicate how much individuals are impacted on a daily basis.


The videos were recently distributed as part of a new campaign and in conjunction with the organization’s new website effort.

We really enjoyed the challenge of creating a narrative for this project.

Chad Vossen

Chief Creative officer