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Mobike is a brand new, dockless bikeshare technology that has been very successful in China. The company selected Washington, D.C. as the first city for its U.S. launch. Unlike current bikeshare technologies, Mobike doesn’t force you to ride the bike from station to station. Using a cellphone app and GPS a enabled locking system, Mobike lets you park the bike at any curbside where you can leave a bike. They needed a video that would help explain this process to viewers.


The goal was to create a video campaign to introduce the U.S. audience to the new technology and motivate them to try Mobike for themselves. The campaign included a 1-2 minute brand anthem video as well as 4 social media videos. The objective of the campaign was to show the community how the bikes worked in a way that reflected the brand of Mobike itself – fun, sleek, and modern.


Using Mobike is simple and convenient and we wanted to videos to reflect that. We landed on a concept that put the smartphone and app and locking system front and center. The “Life of a Bike,” follows one Mobike through an entire day of its use. In that time, it travels all around the city and is used by several different people, eventually landing at the spot where it started it’s journey. This enabled us to create a high energy video that the audience could understand without needing a narrator to explain exactly what was happening.


This punchy, high energy video sells you on the lifestyle of Mobike. While you may not know exactly how to use the app after simply watching this video, it sells you on the concept and shows you why Mobike fits right in with the city life.

As a newbie to the video production process, I didn’t know what to expect. 522 made everything in the process clear and transparent; from script building, to post-production. Couldn’t recommend 522 mre!

Cameron Swanson

U.S. Expansion team at Mobike