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Mercatus Center


Getting folks to sit through an entire video is a tough task on its own. Now imagine you’re trying to explain the downsides of an obscure health care policy called “scope of practice laws.” It’s the kind of topic that can put even the most caffeinated insomniacs to sleep. We needed to develop a simple, engaging and intelligent video that explains to lawmakers and journalists how these laws make healthcare more expensive – and why they should be repealed.


We wanted to build this piece on a familiar foundation with a top-down, tabletop-style approach. Tangible, real-life props make the video more relatable to everyday life, and four distinct “scenes” provide a structure for the voiceover script. Complex animations integrate directly into the footage, reinforcing key messages and commanding the viewer’s attention. Most importantly, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. We took a complex topic and made it simple.


At 522 Productions, we know a ton about making great videos – but not so much about crafting health policy. So we began this project the way we start most videos: we did our research. After poring over articles, white papers and patient testimonials, we got to work on a script designed to convey our newfound knowledge to the target audience. This careful planning allowed us to collaborate efficiently with the health policy experts at Mercatus and create a video that even the wonks could be proud of.


With this sharable, high-quality explainer video, Mercatus has another tool to advocate for public policy improvements in statehouses across the country.

Working on this video was a lot of fun and challenging! It was cool to collaborate with the client and huge thanks to them for putting trust in our creative concepts!

Ray Stanton

Art Director