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The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) is a Public-Private partnership that works to promote business development in the vibrant, growing, modern and diverse location of Montgomery County, Maryland. The MCEDC team constantly seeks out new ways to showcase the benefits of living and working in Montgomery County to attract and retain successful, forward-thinking businesses.


Entrepreneurs and industry executives looking to start, expand, or relocate a company typically consider the financial climate and available business incentives of an area. But, they are not the only and often not the most important factors. Business leaders and human resources professionals also place a high value on locations where people want to live as well as work. We wanted to hear directly from Montgomery County residents – business owners, government officials, educators, and innovators – about why they feel Montgomery County is an ideal place to work AND live. This enable us to capture diverse and authentic stories to MCEDC’s promotion of the area’s attributes.


As a public-private partnership it was important for MCEDC to not only use testimonials of enthusiastic residents to promote the county, but also to share the opportunity to highlight their business and individual successes. It also created the opportunity to highlight the area’s rich the diversity in industry, company size, and workforce.


The website has a click through page for MOCO 365 featuring one profile of a business executive, entrepreneur, or thought leader for each day of the year. The impressive layout of video links immediately illustrates that Montgomery County provides opportunities for everyone – every age, every race, every gender, every business type and size. Participants are excited to share their video stories with clients, customers, employees and neighbors, which resulted in increased cross-promotion as a value-added benefit for MCEDC.

Thank you for all the work on this marketing initiative. We could have never done ot without 522. The videos are fantastic, as is all of your work on our website. I am Excited about next steps, and Hope to utilize more video.

Warren Ellis

VP of Marketing
Montgomery Country Economic Development Corporation