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Institute for Higher Education Policy


The Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) promotes access to and success in higher education for all students. The organization helps guide policymakers and education leaders to initiate high-impact policies on our nation’s most pressing educational challenges. IHEP, in conjunction with the Lumina Foundation, sought to develop a series of videos to help educate the younger generation of policymakers about the importance of various financial aid initiatives.


Higher Education might be perceived as dry content. That’s why we wanted to tell the story of financial aid policy through the eyes of the decision makers involved with crafting the policy. We wanted to hear the inside stories about the tough decisions being made because we felt a documentary that captures those insights would provide viewers with a compelling insiders’ perspective. We wanted them to explain how each policy decision created intentional and unintentional results that affected future decisions.


The IHEP team collected 25 of the most influential higher education decision makers in the country. These interviews, along with a ton of original supporting footage, were captured over an 8-day shoot. We also utilized archival material from a variety of institutions that provided historical context. We treated this imagery with motion graphics to enhance its appeal and keep the viewer engaged.


The videos were recently distributed to staffers and policymakers in preparation for the upcoming HEA reauthorization.

You guys did a fantastic job summarizing such a broad topic in just 15 minutes. Bravo!

Abby Miller

Director of Applied Research