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Homm Certified Painting Systems


Hömm Certified Painting Systems strives for setting the highest quality and customer service standards in the home improvement market. Hömm provides professional painting services in the residential and commercial spaces and has been in business since 2005. Hömm needed to find a way to convey their overall professionalism, highlight the products they use and illustrate their focus on quality assurance.


In order to target predominantly middle and upper-middle class homeowners, Hömm wanted a sophisticated, yet simple way to connect with their audiences. After reviewing creating approaches and exploring various creative themes, we elected to develop a video including animations, still photography and video.


By using a combination of elements, we conveyed simple concepts with animations and really highlighted the company’s work with colorful imagery. Since their commitment to quality was so important, we felt it was vital to demonstrate how their process changed the homes of their customers.


Before creating the video, Hömm had a difficult time connecting with their audiences and separating themselves from other regional competitors. Now, with this content, they have an invaluable tool to use when interacting with customers during the early stages of the buying cycle.

Even though we were working with photos, we wanted to make this piece energetic. We had fun.

Tristan Pelligrino

Chief Operating officer