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Hellbender Brewing Company | Mini Documentary


Much like 522, Hellbender Brewery started with a passion to follow a dream and start something on their own. We approached the local DC brewery with the intent of telling the story of their struggle to start a brewery in one of the most restrictive brewing cities in the country.


We don’t often get the chance to film inside a brewery. So after reading about them in a local paper, we approached Hellbender with the idea to capture their struggle by developing a mini-documentary that chronicles the story of a former Capitol Hill staffer and a biologist struggling to make their dream of owning a brewery a reality.


The mini-documentary is an ongoing project where we document major milestones in the brewery’s development and combine that with original homemade videos. Months of interviews and on-site footage capture the highs and lows of what it means to be an entrepreneur. The mix of professional and amateur footage provides an authentic and honest feel throughout.


The video now resides on the company website and provides visitors with a candid, honest look into the Hellbender Brewing Company.

Man, you guys are ridiculously talented.

Ben Evans

President & Head Brewer of Hellbender Brewing Company