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Guernsey provides products and services used in the workplace. They offer a wide a range of solutions including office supplies, furniture, coffee, and breakroom supplies, janitorial and facility supplies, custom forms and printing, and promotional products. So yeah. They do a lot.

That said, they face fierce competition, and wanted to create a video that connected with the viewer and showcased their personal approach.


Dependability is essential in the office management industry. You want to know that who you work with can consistently deliver on their promises. We wanted to to create a video that conveyed that feeling, and spoke to viewers in a relatable manner.


A family run business, Guernsey is all about their people. So we felt it was essential to feature the people and their environment? We set out to capture the feel of their workplace while highlighting what they do. The script was written in a tone that potential clients can easily relate to. It was meant to create a sense that Guernsey understood that we wanted to create a feeling in the viewer that Guernsey understands how to take care of you.


The Guernsey team was extremely happy with the results and continue to prominently feature the video in meetings and Social Media.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am at how respectful and kind the 522 Team was at putting our people at ease during filming!

Savannah Guernsey

VP, Marketing and Merchandising