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Glassman Wealth Services


Glassman Wealth Services focuses on families, not pie charts. The firm approached 522 to develop a video (and an entire new website) that would convey how the organization values the human side of wealth management.


During the development of the organization’s new website, we ensured the video would be a prominent component to connecting with new website visitors. We set out to create a video that showcased the employees’ personalities and demonstrated how the firm listens to clients needs.


By using the voice of several employees at Glassman Wealth Services, we were able to develop a genuine story for the firm. The on-camera presentations and natural office b-roll scenarios allowed viewers to get a clear picture of what it is like to be a client.


The video is a key element to the organization’s new website and overall brand refresh. The firm uses the video as a way to introduce members of the firm and establish trust with potential clients.

Our Story in under three minutes? 522 made it happen.

Barry Glassman

President, Glassman Wealth Services