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522 will help you distill your ideas into action.

You need to make an impact online. Whether you need to generate leads, raise funds, or increase sales, our in-house team of creative and marketing professionals work with you to create genuine connections with potential customers. But not just any video will resonate with your audience. It takes a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape – and the path to success varies across audiences, industries, and products. 

That can feel overwhelming. And that’s why we’ve developed The Distillery: a custom workshop where we distill your goals, objectives, and ideas in your head into a detailed strategy and custom concepts based on your brand’s needs.   

Clients who sign up for The Distillery, not only save time and money by maximizing their digital efforts but also get an actionable roadmap to incorporate the following elements into your video strategy: 

  • Audience Engagement 
  • Videos tailored to your Customer Lifecycle
  • Distribution Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Brand Messaging 
  • And of course Video Marketing Strategy

In The Distillery, we work with your team to develop your own Video Content Plan that harnesses the power of video to elevate your brand and drive results for your strategic initiatives.  

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The Distillery provides your team with a custom Video Content Plan that aligns your creative approach and production with the content that your marketing team needs. Together, we’ll outline the most efficient strategy to produce quality videos that get the results your team needs based on your business goals.



We kick things off with a Discovery Call with your project’s main POC. 

During this time we break down expectations for the Distilling Session, such as who should attend the meeting on your end, what materials we’d like to review ahead of time, and what your team can expect during the Research Call. 

Our team then takes this information and begins processing it in our award-winning brains. 



This convo lasts 30-60 mins


The Distilling Session is a BEAST but a lot of fun. This is where you get to talk about your business. 

We extract everything. So while we follow a detailed agenda, we allow plenty of time for conversation based on your team’s responses about your team’s goals, target audience, key messages, customer lifecycle, the whole five hundred and twenty-two yards.





This convo lasts 90-120 mins 


The Distillery culminates in the presentation of your Video Content Plan. This is where we crystalize your vision and develop a clear path forward. 

The Video Content Plan includes a Distribution Strategy, a Content Road Map, Social Media Plan, Content Library Framework, and a Performance Management Strategy. These tools combine to help your team maximize both your investment and results.




This convo lasts 60-90 mins

You’re in good company.

Over the past seventeen years, we’ve collaborated with brands (many in the Fortune 500) to navigate the constantly evolving video landscape – producing custom videos that have garnered well over 20 million views, dozens of industry awards (when we’re not too busy to remember to submit) and an incredible 70+% customer referral rate. 

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Veeral talking with 522 Productions for a case study

“Our clients love it (our video) and just as importantly, it’s been an amazing recruitment tool. The end product was solid. So much so that we came back and did another video with 522!”

– Veeral,
President & CEO


Veeral talking with 522 Productions for a case study

It’s really important to have a creative team, like 522 that’s on the outside that can see where your problem is and get passed that bottleneck. From the minute we saw our video, everyone just said wow.. this is it.”

– Terry, Senior Communications & Media Relations Specialist


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