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Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption


Foster care adoption can be extremely difficult; many children are traumatized and have to be guided through a healing process. But once you get to the other side, the rewards of foster care adoption make any challenge worth it. The Dave Thomas Foundation can help families navigate through the adoption process with understanding and support.


What better way to showcase the challenges and rewards of foster care adoption than by taking a look into the lives of families who have gone through or are going through the process? We worked with The Dave Thomas Foundation to identify families from around the country with particularly moving stories to tell.


We wanted to help the audience relate to foster parents and children by letting them see themselves through their everyday items and actions. We spoke with parents about what has made foster care particularly rewarding for them, while showing the present-day joy and contentment of the children. We ended up weaving the stories of three families together who had the same message that foster care adoption has certainly been worth it.


This video has received more than 150 thousand views on DTFA’s Facebook page and about one thousand shares to date.

I’m so happy with you (the video) came out I think the kids are captured perfectly and it really explains what we do.

Mary Ellen Smalley

Director of Marketing & Communications