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Children’s National: Jaiwen’s Story


Each year, CNMC hosts the Children’s Ball – the organization’s signature event. In 2013, we partnered with CNMC to develop a video that showcased the impact of their attendee’s contributions.


After discussions with the CNMC team, we decided that the most effective approach was to create an in-depth documentary that focused on one story that represents everything the organization stands for.


We worked closely with the organization to select the right story, deciding to chronicle the emotional and physical journey of 11-year-old cancer survivor Jaiwen Hsu. After meeting with the Hsu family, getting to know them and learning their story firsthand, we felt a mini-documentary would provide the most impact for their story.

We spent a ton of time with the amazing Hsu family – getting to know them and learning their story. Jeng Hsu, Jaiwen’s mom, and her family were kind enough to let us into their lives. Our crew was welcomed to film in their home, in Jaiwen’s rehab, and even in his school. We interviewed each family member as well as his primary doctor at CNMC using three cameras. Our FS700 allowed us to capture dramatic, slow-motion imagery of their home and the hospital to strengthen the emotional impact of their story.


The Lucky One won Best in Show at the 2013 TIVA Peer Awards, as well as a number of other individual awards, such as a Gold DC American Advertising Award. The video continues to serve as a source of inspiration on the CNMC website.

Jeng Hsu

Jaiwen’s Mom