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The Bozzuto Group


Bozzuto Group was founded in the late 1980’s by Tom Bozzuto, and has since been developing one-of-a-kind communities and custom-designed homes in the DC, Baltimore and Annapolis areas. Currently, Bozzuto is expanding in the DC market with its newest community – Emblem at Barracks Row. These ultra modern, luxury apartments target Bozzuto’s primary clients, known as “Engaged Explorers”. At the time that the piece was made, Emblem was still just an idea and the neighborhood had yet to be established. Bozzuto needed a video that highlighted, just how new and next level both the apartments and the neighborhood would be.


The goal was to create a one minute video to introduce the neighborhood, the apartments and their incredible “vibe” to potential home buyers. The objective of the video was to target potential homebuyers that may already be living in the area, and create a piece that made the viewer say “It’s like this place was made for me”.

The Bozzuto Group


Bozzuto’s brand design is simple, tasteful and trustworthy, and we wanted the video to reflect that. Additionally, the Emblem would straddle two strikingly different neighborhoods and capture the best of both worlds. We wanted that sentiment to be captured in the video as well. Finally, Bozzuto is commitment to diversity, and we included a diverse sampling of people of many ethnicities, genders and ages. To emphasize just how forward thinking Bozzuto is, we threw in edgy, tasteful graphics with masterful transitions and artful light leaks. Additionally, we emphasized a bold rendition of the voiceover script by emphasizing key words and phrases with dynamic text.


This punchy, quick, high energy video sells you on the lifestyle of Bozzuto. Living at Emblem means that you don’t need to choose between the historic charm of Barracks Row or the modern swagger of Navy Yard – you get it all. The resulting video is a sleek, exciting piece that integrates graphics and stock footage and build to a natural crescendo.

They completely got our goal and made the video exactly what we were looking for instead of trying to steer us in another direction like some other video companies I talked to tried to do. I could not be more pleased with our 522 experience and we will definitely be back next time we have a video need!

Mary Smith

Marketing Associate


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