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Federal Aviation Administration | Overview


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for all things that happen in the United States air space. From air traffic control, to pilot testing and training, to mechanics to drone regulations, safety is the number one priority. In an age of technological advancement, keeping on top of the rules, regulations and research requires a dedicated workforce. The FAA needs to recruit the best – the best scientists and engineers, pilots and mechanics


Traditionally, a good percentage of the workforce at FAA came to the agency as a second career. Retired military officers and pilots found rewarding work where their years of expertise fit well with the overall mission. While that’s still the case, rapidly changing technology and a faster-paced environment means that the FAA needs to attract employees at all phases of their careers.

Federal Aviation Administration | Overview


We worked closely with the FAA to highlight the cutting-edge research, technology, and responsibility employees at the agency work with every day. At the same time, we aimed to showcase the diversity of the workforce and the big picture impact of even the smallest administrative task.


With an emphasis on how the FAA’s work protects the American people and protects American airspace the soundbites, music and visuals all come together to give the viewers a sense of pride and respect towards the FAA’s mission. Who wouldn’t want to work on safety issues at the FAA? The final video project was cut down and delivered in to a shorter “teaser” – with 4 shorter videos made for various social media outlets. The full 5-minute video was awarded a Silver “Telly” award, which honors excellence in video and television across all screens.

It was fantastic working with you all. I definitely want to work together with you all again. This video has made quite a splash here.

Danny Hart

Aviation Safety
Office of Quality, Integration, & Executive Services
Planning & Perfomance (AQS-300)


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