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Endgame | Product Overview


Endgame offers a cyber operations platform developed with elite DOD cyber operations teams, that enables enterprises to automate the entire hunt mission, and detects and blocks adversaries at every phase of the cyber kill chain. Yup. Just read that sentence, and if you’re like us, it may take a while to understand exactly what that means.


Explaining what exactly Endgame does can be a little tricky for both potential clients, investors, and employees. These are important groups of people. So we wanted to to create a video that spoke to them in a simple and straightforward manner, and really simplified what the product does.

Endgame | Product Overview


Despite offering a sophisticated platform, Endgame is all about their people. So, we thought they should be the ones to explain what their platform does. Endgame believes in building a diverse and dynamic team, so we wanted to hear from a variety of folks across disciplines – designers, programmers, researchers, engineers, etc. We felt that coupling these interviews with sleek, engaging onscreen graphics would simplify the more technical elements of the platform and really bring the piece to life.


The video debuted at a large industry conference and was met with extremely positive feedback. Endgame continues to use the video in a variety of formats.

The video looks great. Everyone over here loves how well they turned out. Fantastic job by the whole team!

Margot KoehlerD

Director of Marketing & Communications


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