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Edwards Air Force Base | Recruiting Videos


In order to maintain its superiority in the air, the United States Air Force needs to attract the country’s brightest minds. With fierce competition for those assets, the Air Force wanted to develop a series of recruitment videos aimed at highlighting the variety of benefits that working at Edwards Air Force Base offers potential employees.


We worked together with Edwards’ recruitment agency to develop candid interviews with civilian employees that revealed a variety of details about the work environment and available positions. Direct and honest interviews filmed in inspiring locations such as on the flight deck, in front of the Joint Strike Fighter, and inside a massive C-17 cargo bay highlighted the importance of Edwards’ mission. Original b-roll, combined with archival footage of air craft testing provided by Edwards, inspired viewers to apply for open positions.

Edwards Air Force Base | Recruiting Videos


We had three days to capture over 25 interviews in a variety of environments. We conducted the interviews with two cameras, one handheld for an authentic documentary feel, and another on a jib for a smooth, professional look. We balanced those interview shots with archival footage and original work environment b-roll to keep the piece energetic and engaging.


While we weren’t there to witness it ourselves, we were told that the folks at Edwards gave the videos a standing ovation upon viewing it in their auditorium. That’s pretty much all we needed to know about how it went over, but there were also over 10,000 DVDs printed for potential applicants at job fairs around the country.

I have to admit I was nervous at first with everything we short amount of time, but man, you killed it!

Tom Hight

Creative Officer


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