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Clark Construction | Site Safety


Clark Construction Group is one of the most experienced and respected building and civil construction firms in the United States. Safety of all individuals on a Clark jobsite is one of, if not the most important considerations for the organization. A key part of their safety orientation is a video that must be viewed by everyone the first time they arrive on a Clark jobsite. The Safety video is the first opportunity that Clark has to ensure that every person that sets foot on a jobsite takes Safety seriously.


Safety videos typically face a very discerning audience. Many experienced veterans believe that their field experience precludes them from having to watch the videos, and less experienced professionals believe that nothing will ever happen to them. In order to break through to these audiences, we wanted to develop an approach that would resonate with the people watching the video. We wanted to create a video that would both educate and entertain.

Clark Construction | Site Safety


A variety of labor professions and skill levels are found on a typical Clark job site. We didn’t want the message to feel top down – but we wanted to hear folks on every level. We felt that this would emphasize the importance of Safety throughout the organization.


The video plays daily to thousands of workers job sites around the country. Clark has also trimmed down the video to use on their public website.

You guys are amazing These videos have been extremely successful. I never throight that Safety Could be so cinematic!

Tina Banks

Director of Corporate Communications
Clark Construction Group

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