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We’ve wanted to try a high energy, aggressively-paced documentary for some time. But it takes the right client with the right story and enough supporting archival material in order to execute the idea correctly. Enter Dustin Sell.

Dustin approached us to tell the story of his product, Bruvelo, for his Kickstarter campaign. But while Dustin makes a phenomenal product, the real story was rooted in Dustin’s experience.


As soon as we realized the complexity of Dustin’s story and found out how much archival material he had, we knew that a rapid-fire doc was going to be the most effective approach to simplify its story. Bottom line: we had a great story, told by a compelling character willing to grant us intimate access. After sharing a few inspirational pieces with Dustin, and reviewing his detailed supporting material, we knew had a winner.


We worked closely with Dustin to draft the compressed outline of his story. Then we set about meticulously crafting the detailed shot lists in order to ensure we captured all of the details of Bruvelo’s story.


Feedback within the Kickstarter campaign about the video could not have been more positive. The ongoing campaign has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in support. We’ll let you know if Dustin reaches his goal – we just couldn’t wait any longer to get the video up on our site.

This is going to sound silly… but from reading the production package over I can tell that you’ve been listening to me… and I just want to say thanks!

Dustin Sell

Founder, Bruvelo