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Avenue Realty


Often times the best way to explain to website visitors who you are is through an overview video. We partnered with the Avenue Realty Group to create a video that personified their philosophy as a realty group.


It was extremely important to capture Avenue’s commitment to making the home buying experience as enjoyable and transparent as possible. We wanted the video to stand out from other real estate agent videos, so we employed a heavy use of original b-roll content. This approach provided a consistent aesthetic throughout the video. We used the original b-roll to cover candid interviews with the leadership as they explained the company philosophy.


The two-day shoot focused on capturing imagery and interview content that represented the positive, personal and professional relationship Avenue home buyers experience. Slow shutter imagery added nostalgic and comforting imagery throughout the piece.


The video continues to serve as the primary introduction of the leadership to potential clients on Avenue’s home page and receives positive reviews from clients.

These guys handled everything. They really esatablished out brand and set us apart with the video.

Darian Cochran

Owner, Avenue Realty Group