Our Approach


Video production can be complicated. With us, it's not.

The way we do it

Our approach toward creating the best stories is pretty simple: understand the purpose of each video,
put the right people in place to bring it to life, and follow our strategy and process
to produce the most creative, effective and efficient videos.

  • Strategy


    Every decision on a video project should be made with a purpose. That’s why we develop a unique strategy for your project that clearly identifies its goals. Using project management, we implement and adapt the strategy throughout the entire project to make sure everything remains in line with the project’s overall objectives.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Project management begins the moment we’re awarded your project. Each project starts with our team developing a project schedule that considers budgets, timeframes, and overall requirements. One of our producers manages your entire project - from concept to delivery - keeping your team and ours informed throughout each phase of production.

  • Discovery

    One of the first steps we take to develop this strategy, is to hold a kickoff meeting. That’s where we get together with you and your team and listen to what you would like the project to achieve. During the meeting, we discuss matters such as your project’s background, target audience, content, logistics, and timelines.

  • Concept Development

    Concept Development

    After the kickoff meeting, we head back to the office and organize our thoughts for a series of brainstorming sessions. Out of these sessions comes your project’s Production Package - a document that proposes concepts, outlines the story, introduces the look we’re aiming to achieve, summarizes the necessary requirements to execute each concept, and presents an updated project schedule.

  • Production Management

    Once we select the concept, we immediately begin production management. That’s where we prepare for everything leading up to the shoot. We identify talent, scout locations, organize crews and equipment, and develop a production schedule that outlines each day of filming.

    Production Management
  • Filming


    Upon approval of the approach outlined in the Production Package - we head into filming. This phase of the project is pretty self-explanatory. Our crew heads out to conduct interviews, shoot b-roll… pretty much all of the original content needed for your project. Depending upon what we’re capturing, the crew might consist of a one-man band getting a time-lapse, or a 15-person crew shutting down a section of Reagan National Airport.

  • Rough Cut

    After we collect all the assets for your project, our editors dive into the material. We organize the media, search for music, begin the development of motion graphics, and incorporate voiceover (if necessary) for the rough cut. The rough cut provides your team with the opportunity to provide feedback and ensures that your video meets your team’s expectations.

    Rough Cut
  • Fine Cut

    Fine Cut

    The fine cut incorporates all feedback based on the rough cut. It addresses any structural changes to the video and confirms the music selection and graphic treatments.

  • Final Cut

    The final cut includes all color correcting and audio sweetening, as well as all the finishing touches that really make your video pop

    Final Cut
  • Delivery


    After all this hard work, you’ll probably want to show your video off, so we write all the necessary files, burn Blu-rays and/or DVDs, and send ‘em your way.

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