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American Express


The federal government relies on private contracted small business for a massive percentage of the work they do. From construction to manufacturing, I.T. to inventory, small businesses across the United States pitch for billions of dollars in work a year. But pitching the government is a unique challenge. With different regulations, oversight committees, and approval processes this can limit those who have little experience. American Express wanted to provide an avenue for this audience to learn from those who do have this experience.


American Express is the preferred credit card for small business owners across the country. They have a huge audience that want to know more about government initiatives and and an even larger field of cardholders that make their living working on government contracts. By finding time to capture this knowledge on camera we can give a free set of high level tips that first time businesses can use.


We had to break down government contracting, an extremely complex topic, down into small bites for the audience to understand. By focusing our interviews into smaller topics and digestible chunks we allowed our audience to learn the high level topics they may not know about and comprehend the challenge.


These videos were used as a main focus of a number of presentations American Express gave around the country about working with the federal government. They also played a larger role in an online learning tool developed and house on American Express’ website.

You can’t go in without a plan. These agencies have been through this before, and with bigger companies than yours. They will see right through you winging anything.

Amber peebles

President, Athena Construction Group