One important part of your web design strategy is adding interactive elements, such as video content. However, adding great video content to your website is not as easy as it may sound. To take your video content from average to excellent, follow in the footsteps of a few brands that have truly exceeded expectations when it comes to using video on their websites. Read on to learn more about these six brands, which have websites rife with engaging videos.


1. Phillips

Phillips makes their video content stand out by making it interactive. Their “I’d FAQ Me” section features a full-screen, interactive video complete with motion control, allowing users to navigate through the shaving story of the man on screen. By making their video content interactive, Phillips ensures that users are spending a lot of time on their website. Furthermore, this video engages users with the product that the brand is trying to sell without directly pushing it on the customer.

2. Spotify

Spotify stands out as a brand that successfully uses background video to engage site visitors. On their landing page, a background video espouses the core message behind Spotify: the fact that it can provide users with music to match every moment and emotion in their lives. The video itself contains clips featuring great musical choices to express the way we attach music to emotion. With a simple CTA to accompany the video, Spotify succeeds at both minimalism and engagement.

3. Flipboard

Flipboard is another brand whose website has excellent background video. An app that transforms your Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds into a digital magazine, Flipboard uses background video on its landing page to introduce users to the unique interface of the app. This works off of the timeless strategy of showing rather than telling, allowing users to experience the app before they make the decision to download.

4. Nike

On their website, Nike also utilizes background video to showcase a specific product. Their landing page for the Jordan M6 contains a background video that provides visitors with the design history of the shoe in multiple parts. One drawback to this site is the fact that it continuously loops these videos, which may cause an issue with lag time. However, the videos do a great job of engaging customers with the product at hand.

5. Lexus

On their website, Lexus uses video to give users an interactive look at the brand new features of the Lexus IS. With a multi-part film, Lexus offers complete look at these features, from interior and exterior design to the engineering behind it. This multi-part series on the Lexus IS is a great way to introduce the new product and hold the attention of the site visitor.

6. Russian Standard

Last but not least, the website for Russian Standard vodka features a background video that provides users with questions and answers about their product. While the videos are also on auto-play, users have more control – a simple click pauses the video, and the navigational elements do not intrude as they only display when hovered over.