6 Ways to Repurpose a Branded Video

If you’ve spent the time, money, and effort it takes to produce a branded video, you want to make sure it reaches as many viewers as possible. A great way to accomplish this goal is through repurposing. A recent study indicated that the use of video content among marketers will increase by 73%. For brands, the priority has become a focus on customer engagement through the use of visual content.

Top Benefits of Video Marketing

While budgets remain a top concern for many brands, the investment made in professionally produced videos can be stretched to the limit by repurposing content. Instead of simply posting a video to one platform, smart marketers are finding new and interesting ways to put this same content in front of their target audience. As a result, brands experience increased online exposure, improved lead generation and a boost in sales.

How to Repurpose Video Content

To receive the highest possible return on investment, marketers are repurposing content to reach a larger audience. For ideas on repurposing visual content, take a look at the following six tips.

  • Publish the Transcript – One of the easiest ways to reuse video content is to publish the transcript. Not everyone wants to watch lengthy videos. Sometimes, quickly searching for a key term within the transcript will help customers navigate to the most relevant section of your content.
  • Hold a Live Q&A – After your video has had time to gain reactions from your audience, consider hosting a live Q&A about the video. Were there insightful comments you want to address or questions that need to be answered? Use Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or Google+ to hold a live Q&A with your biggest fans.
  • Promote on Social Media – It’s simply not enough to leave video content on your website or blog. To increase the exposure of your video marketing content, promote it on multiple social media platforms. Doing so prompts your audience to view and share content related to your brand.
  • Blog Posts – While it’s perfectly fine to post videos in your blog, you’re also able to create follow-up blogs based on reader responses to the initial post. Customer feedback is valuable and addressing it in your content lets your customers know you’re listening.
  • Podcasts – As a form of media that can be consumed anywhere, podcasts are gaining popularity among brands. Transform your video content and responses into a branded podcast. If the busiest members of your audience missed the video, a podcast gives them the opportunity to catch up while exercising, driving, or cleaning the house.
  • Webinars – Like podcasts, webinars provide your brand with yet another opportunity to repurpose content that incorporates visual elements. As a bonus, this face time with customers increases engagement and interest in your brand.

A Note about Goals

Repurposing video content is a proven method of increasing brand awareness and generating leads. Before doing so, however, consider your brand’s goals before releasing your video. If you’re distributing video content on multiple platforms, make sure to follow up each post with a goal-appropriate call to action. Do you want your audience to subscribe, follow, share, or purchase? Don’t forget to ask them.

Do you have other suggestions for repurposing video content?


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