When our clients receive their finished project and we part ways, it’s just like a bird leaving its nest.That’s why we put together a field guide on some of the best practices around sharing your finished video with the world. You put a lot of time and effort into it, and it’s time to let it fly

The Field Guide to Distributing your Company’s Video is a quick and easy read that introduces several key ways to circulate your video in order to get the right eyes on it. Still not sure if this is ebook is for you? Here are 3 things you’ll learn inside:

  1. How to Define and Reach your Video Goals

Going Viral is not a Goal. It’s simply not realistic, even though we all wish we could be Salt Bae. In this guide we give you 5 questions to help you define your company’s video goals so everyone working on the project can level their expectations and have benchmarks like number of views, budget, and revenue goals to work toward.

  1. The Top 3 Places to Distribute your Video

While we can’t tell you every single good spot to share your video, we can tell you our top 3. Our list is curated based on our independent research and 13+ years of distribution knowledge and tactics.

  1. How to Get More out of your Video

In the end –you spent the money. You want the results. In the field guide you will learn valuable tips on how to extend the life of your video, ensuring every person in your target audience sees it .

Ready to download? Click the button below and download The Field Guide to Distributing your Company’s Video. Happy sharing!

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