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These days, it seems like anyone can tell a story. But a story that drives your audience to take action is more than just a story, it is your mission, it is your brand, and it is the message that can help your organization make an impact for the world. That’s where we come in.

For our 3rd annual non-profit contest, we hope to continue our effort to give back to those who serve our community and make a major impact on our world. Nonprofit organizations have exciting stories but sometimes struggle to share their messages due to time, budget, and other resources. We want to help these organizations achieve their mission through video. 

This time applicants will have the chance to not only win a strategic video that can be used to enhance any current or upcoming marketing initiative BUT ALSO other video and social content that is designed to make an impact.


To win the #untoldstory video prize and other social content from 522!


Terry Fitzpatrick is the Communications Director at Free The Slaves, our 2021 video nonprofit contest winner. Check out what he had to say about their experience as the winner of the pro-bono video prize.

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